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Technical Consulting & Creative Support Services for Audio and Video


Flow Analysis
Documentation of AV system flow, including the electronics, construction timetables, time-to-market estimates, system performance and thought process management.
- We consider this the most valuable service we offer. While ALWAYS built into our new design projects, we also consult on your existing systems and what-if scenarios, providing our clients with a greater choice of operation and upgrade possibilities for economy and user convenience.

Customer Service - System Support AND Training
Whether a system or a procedure, its only of value if it works AND you can use it! (regardless of who sold it to you)

Trend Forecasting & Market Research
Data collection & analysis for media technologies, including electronic systems/devices, customer acceptance, and ease of use. 
Focus group moderation & respondent surveys.
Video documentation.

Design & Engineering

System Design and Engineering
Design of audio and video systems, including sound and video distribution and system automation.
Proof of performance compliance testing, including room response analysis, digital video system performance, and time lapse monitoring.
- Yes, we still get our hands dirty behind the rack, in a ceiling and in the pit.  When you want your project to be engineered or installed correctly the first time, call us!
(we are brand agnostic)

Network Integration, Intrusion & Policy
Server lock down & permissions (Windows)
Port blocking, Routing, NAT and Firewall configuration.
Spam detection (email) and site - exclusion snoop systems (typical for libraries & schools).
IP camera and surveillance system design.
Time lapse video systems, and monitoring and measurement (including web enabled)

Project Management

Project & Production Management
Scheduled review, trouble-shooting and consultation on projects "in progress".
Coordinating with Architects/Vendors/Contractors/Artists and management/Owners. (above & below line)
Product and content commercialization analysis & strategy.

Specifications & Narratives
Development of "design and use" narratives for audio and video facilities and for  subsequent operational procedures.
Design of electronic and equipment specifications suitable for RFP (Requests for Proposal / Bidding) distribution.
Heat (HVAC) and AC power load balancing (including web enabled).


Design, Construction Management and Proofing of acoustic environments, with emphasis on measurement, analysis, control/alignment and noise reduction, appropriate for the performing arts and audio recording communities.
(Absorption, diffusion, Rt60 decay and reflection analysis, vibration proofing and OSHA compliance).
Room tuning (SMAART)

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