About Us

Headquartered in Houston, we provide electronic media technology solutions to an international clientele. We consider our services unique and strive for the highest ethics in our performance.

Our fields of specialization and expertise include:

  • Construction management and proof of performance testing.

  • Broadcast and corporate audio, video and data transfer (real time).
  • Video and data system design and integration.
  • Room acoustic design and evaluation.
  • Documentation and evaluation of media systems, subject matter and operational training.
  • TCP/IP network hardware design and integration.

      As owner of Cabida, I participate in activities with the Society of Broadcast Engineers, the League of Historic American Theatres, the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers, and we are a Microsoft licensed "Media Service Provider".

      We regularly attend vendor certifications highlighting the newest industry trends, research and technologies. For example, in the audio arena we are qualified to design, integrate and program digital signal processing devices and systems, such as JBL/Crown HiQNet, Roland, QSC Rave, Biamp Nexia, and dbx Driveware. In the data world, we hold networking certificates from Microsoft and Engenius.

      Our expertise includes working knowledge of both the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and the policies and maintenance criteria of the National Historic Preservation Act, the National Register of Historic Places and the National Trust. We have knowledge of commercial and residential building codes. We are specifically sought out for our aesthetic skills and judgment within historical structures.

      For further information, please feel free to call us at any time.

      Henry (Hank) Lam, Jr.

      Company History:

      Cabida (started by Hank Lam as Associated Productions of Texas) began business in the mid 70s as an audio production, recording and studio design firm. With an original client base of Houston area entertainment producers and advertising agencies, the company quickly expanded to provide production, editorial, and equipment & facility design services for national motion picture producers and major musical touring acts. With the introduction of portable video production equipment, we added video production and technical directing services.

      In the 80s with a growing clientele of energy firms, Cabida was selected to provide radio communications services for a Fortune 50 energy firm. We developed and provided portable RF systems and audio system integration, and became a U.S. representative for Racal-Comsec, providing and integrating voice encryption systems into phone and radio networks, remote control systems, and working in the new field of computers and digital data. Continuing into the 90s, our strength continued in the audio, video and data communications industries. We routinely provided technical direction and audio support services for two-way satellite video teleconferences, incorporating multi-camera, multi-microphone systems for national news networks and for shareholder proxy meetings.

      We were at the forefront of the streaming media revolution, working with (and for) Real Broadcast Netwoks and Microsoft. In 2009, we were awarded the Rice Alliance I.T. and Web 2.0 Company award for our CouncilView software.

      Cabida is the evolution of consulting and design. Our systems move digital data and analog information to a wide variety of customers for a wide variety of needs, providing quality solutions in audio, video and data to customers needing to deliver information products. We provide acoustic analysis and designs, electronic solutions, ergonomic designs, and user-training services. We develop design narratives, do bid evaluation, and manage project construction and system implementations. And, as information consultants, we provide market research, subject matter training, technical research and media trends analysis.

      Society of Broadcast Engineers - Life Member